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Your business should have choice, control and transparency when it comes to your gas and electricity renewals

No more pressurising sales calls

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Your business should not have to deal with 5 to 10 phone calls every day being pressured or pushed into expensive energy deals that offer little or no value

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We offer independent gas and electricity online comparison services giving you the power and choice you need to make the decisions that save your business time and money

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

The Business Renewals management team has extensive experience in business energy markets and have seen first hand how some "reputable" energy brokers regularly add eye watering commissions into business gas and business electricity contracts.

Despite what you may often be told their brokering services are not free with added commissions paid for by you through your bills.  

From a drawing board concept to a market force reality the team at Business Renewals have sought one common goal, and that is to deliver a clear and transparent service that is both cost effective and supplier neutral.

Company Vision StatementBusiness Renewals Company Vision

Clarity, Transparency, Honesty and Choice.

Jargon filled vision statements...Corporate buzzwords.... both are over-valued and usually under-delivered.  We prefer to be judged on our service and our results.

So without the above and in our own words:

Business Renewals want to make a real difference within the small to medium business community by offering a long term clear and transparent business energy comparison service that hands the real true power and choice back to the client.

Our team believe that in offering every small to medium business access to fair and transparent products we can develop a symbiotic relationship with our clients based on a continued desire to provide clear options where the choice is firmly in the court of the client.

We will be dedicated to delivering the best prices on time, every time and aim to shake off the worry about business gas, business electricity and business water renewal contracts. 

We will continue to develop and invest in both our website and our Robin Hood band of energy revolutionists who only ever get a seat at our table if they share the same aims and goals of our founders - we are here to help!

Delivering savings back into the small to medium business community will always be our primary goal and to ensure we continue in that quest we will engage with our clients to increase consumer knowledge and the further the awareness of the products that are available.

Remaining true to this mission statement will remain core to our strategy in providing transparency within the business gas and business electricity markets - if you have read this far then you will know that the energy market will never be re-nationalised so the only real option is to be savvy and if this is you then you then hello we are here to help.

So, in brief our vision is simple, a business energy revolution that Business Renewals will start and continue.

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