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We have assumed a 20% rate of VAT.  Under De minimis tax rules your business could be entitled to a reduction to 5% and the elimination of all CCL charges.  Should you decide to choose one of our great deals we will discuss how we can potentially reduce your costs even further.

The rates quoted are based on PES 16 and a start date within 3 months. For businesses outside of PES 16 or with a further out renewal date prices may be higher or lower.  Expected annual and contract savings could be higher or lower dependant on your current unit rates, standing charges, FIT costs, CCL costs, VAT costs and your consumption levels. All rates are quoted as fully delivered including transportation, distribution, DUOS, DUOSL, TUOS and TUOSL charges.  Rates shown include Direct Debit discounts where applicable.  Quotes are subject to individual suppliers credit criteria, payment method and business type. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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