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Eon hikes up energy prices by 10%


Eon have today announced a 10% price increase for around 1.8M customers from April this year.

The price increases come just days after the regulator OFGEM approved an average increase well over £100 per year.

Our advice is simple, switch now to a fixed price energy product as soon as possible, fix before they go up!

Business Renewals would be happy to assist anybody who feels they are struggling with their energy costs with a free and impartial online discussion.

To see all the suppliers and compare all pricing plans please get your home energy quote here

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Comment (2)

  • Anna| 14/02/2019

    Is there a supplier who can change me from prepayment to direct debit without a credit check?

  • Business Renewals
    Business Renewals| 14/02/2019

    Hi Anna, yes there are a few suppliers who will allow you to pay through a monthly direct debit without the need for a credit check, we have emailed you a list of suppliers and hope you find our impartial comparison service a helpful tool in finding the deal that suits your home. All the best Linda

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