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We aim to make your gas and electricity renewal options as straight forward as possible.  However, we understand that you may have a few questions.  

We have tried to answer the most common questions below but should you need further help or assistance we invite you to call us on 0800 193 9091, we want to help

How is COVID-19 affecting energy

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Covid-19 is affecting all aspects of business and personal life around the world and there are likely to be some long lasting effects once the current pandemic is over.


Even businesses that are closed down still need to ensure they renew their business energy contracts or risk falling on to out of contract rates with extremely high unit rates and daily standing charges.  Therefore it is vital that this process is undertaken with due diligence.


Wholesale prices have fallen considerably since the start of March 2020 and as such there are some very low priced energy contracts that can be taken advantage of to lower ongoing overheads.


Even if your business is currently closed we would strongly recommend that no business falls out of contract.

Why should I use Business Renewals

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You have three choices for your renewal:

  • Go direct to your supplier who will try and sell you the highest priced plan they can get away with - remember suppliers want to maximise their profits
  • Take a deal over the phone with no guarantee of who you are speaking to, no guarantee of the prices they offer and no guarantee that they work with a range of suppliers - potentially very risky and potentially very expensive
  • Use the impartial Business Renewals comparison site with no pressure selling, no false promises just a clear comprehensive range of prices backed by a written guarantee

We believe you deserve the respect to choose your own energy deal without being misled or pressured into taking a deal that could cost your business money and profit - if you feel the same then there can only be one choice.

Do you show all suppliers

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We aim to show you as many suppliers as possible, including all the Big 6 together with a comprehensive range of smaller independent suppliers. Some suppliers we choose not to work with due to their service levels and contract terms imposed on business consumers. 


Business Renewals are 100% confident that you will find our clear and transparent prices the best available.

What is my MPAN

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Your MPAN (or supply number) identifies your electricity supply and can be found on your electricity bill or your renewal document.  If you are unsure please feel free to call us on 0800 193 9091 or email us here 

What is my MPRN

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Your Meter Point Reference number (or MPR) identifies your gas supply and can be found on your gas bill or your renewal document.   If you are unsure please feel free to call us on 0800 193 9091 or email us here 

Who is my current supplier

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If you are unsure who supplies your gas or electricity please call us on 0800 193 9091 or email us here

How far in advance can I get a new contract

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We have suppliers who will price up to two years in advance but we prefer a window of 12 months or less.


Our reasoning is that when a contract is priced over 12 months in the future the supplier will always add a significant risk margin into the quote, this risk margin can often outweigh any benefits made by locking in early.


Please remember Business Renewals is not your normal "sign them up at all costs" broker, we want to actively help your business reduce costs through practical advice based on our long standing experience.

How often are your prices updated

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Energy is a live traded commodity and wholesale prices change many times each day depending on a huge array of factors.  We update our supplier prices as often as we can to ensure our rates are as competitive as possible. 


By doing this we ensure the suppliers risk element is kept low with savings passed directly to your business.

Do you charge for this service

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Many brokers say that their services are free or the suppliers pay them introduction fees, but in reality neither are true.


Suppliers pay commissions to Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) and those commissions are simply added on to your Price Plan either through a higher unit rate or an increase in standing charges. Commission levels are Supplier dependent and TPI dependent.


Business Renewals will not send your business any bills and will always provide an independent service that is not tied to any supplier - guaranteed.

Will you provide notice to my supplier

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Advanced termination must be provided in order to ensure you do not roll onto Out of Contract rates or in some cases auto-roll over onto an expensive fixed term contract. 


Business Renewals are happy to assist with this. Once you have made an application one of our team will contact you to ensure termination is made correctly.

Poor Credit Ratings

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Business Renewals have a range of energy suppliers and products that are suitable for businesses who currently have a poor credit rating.  In fact, some of our suppliers do not perform credit checks at all.


We don't try and put square pegs into round holes, so whatever your situation we can usually find a shoe that fits.

I have just moved in to a business property

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If you have recently, or are about to move into a business property please give us a call on 0800 193 9091 so we can ensure the transition is both pain and hassle free.


Moving into a new business property can be stressful and you are likely to receive a lot of sales calls regarding energy from dedicated Change of Occupier teams.  Quite often these teams rely heavily on pressure tactics to try and get you to agree to very high rates to avoid out of contract rates but we have yet to find a business who has agreed to a fairly priced new occupier deal.


Our strong recommendation is never agree your energy contract over the phone without speaking to us first.

We have more than one site

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If you have more than one site Business Renewals would be happy to look at putting together a single tender and contract to enable your business to benefit from competitive pricing combined with minimal ongoing administration.


Call us for a no obligation discussion on 0800 193 9091 or email us here so we can understand your needs and requirements and suggest the most prudent route to market.

Am I a micro-business?

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The OFGEM definition of a micro business is defined if they meet one of the following criteria:


Employs fewer than 10 employees (or their full time equivalent) and has an annual turnover or balance sheet no greater than €2 million, or uses no more than 100,000 kWh of electricity per year, or no more than 293,000 kWh of gas per year.

What is half-hourly metering?

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Half Hourly is the term used for properties that use more than 100kW of electricity demand. The meters installed measure your usage every half hourly to allow suppliers to understand your usage throughout the working day. If you have a Half Hourly meter installed your MPAN number will normally start with 00.


More recently all maximum demand meters (profiles 05-08) were upgraded to half hourly metering through what was known as P272.  It is expected that over the next few years the P272 mandate will be expanded to include all businesses.


Whilst we can quote immediately for half hourly meters suppliers can usually offer a much better price if we can provide them with the half hourly data, therefore we would strongly recommend a market tender be undertaken.


Email us here or call us on 0800 193 9091 and we will happily discuss the best route forward to getting costs as low as possible.

Are business energy brokers regulated

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There are no formal regulations for energy brokers and no legal requirement for training or quality control.  Whilst some suppliers do vet their broker portfolio to decide who they work with this cannot be said for all.


We believe this potentially poses serious issues to both the quality of service received and the protection of data held on you and your business. 


Business Renewals follows a voluntary TPI Code of Conduct for your protection so you can be assured we provide clear, factual and transparent advice at all times.  Business Renewals are also registered to the Information Commissioners Office to ensure the data we hold is protected.

What rate of VAT should I be charged

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VAT on electricity and gas for business can be reduced from 20% to 5% where the usage for electricity averages no more than 33kWh per day or for gas no more than 145kWh per day.


Certain businesses and organisations can receive 100% of their energy requirements at the reduced rate of 5%.


Businesses that qualify for gas and electricity at a rate of 5% also eliminate Climate Change Levy charges which can reduce costs by a further 7%.

Can you remind me about my renewal?

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Yes, if you like our company mission statement and the fact we want to make a difference then simply fill our "Remind Me" option.  Once your within a 12 month window of your renewal date we will email to invite you to take a look at the options available. 


Click here to be reminded about your gas or electricity renewals.

How about my home energy?

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Business Renewals went through some serious researching of residential gas and electricity suppliers before deciding on Octopus Energy as our chosen supplier.

  • 100% Renewable Energy
  • Which recommended supplier
  • No exit fees
  • 5* on Trustpilot
  • Average less than 2 minutes to answer a call
  • Great Fixed Prices
  • £50 introduction credit to your account

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