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Smart Metering – Good or Bad?

Smart meters are a contentious issue with many homes and businesses refusing to have them installed and others requesting them. There is no legal obligation to have a smart meter installed and although they are “Free” we all know that there is nothing in life that is free.

The roll-out costs are simply added to the overall cost of supplying gas and electricity through your bills, for example some suppliers charge a higher standing charge if you have a smart meter so to say they are free is misleading.

Most smart meters installed at homes and many installed at small businesses have been classed as SMET1 which in English means that they will only communicate directly with the supplier who initially installed them. Whilst you can still change supplier the fact that these were allowed to be installed beggars belief as they will all have to be taken out and SMET2 meters which can communicate industry wide re-installed. Again this will be labelled up as a free exchange but again nothing in life is truly free.

However, from a cost or CO2 reduction standpoint smart meters can be an excellent way of enabling a home or business to visually understand their energy use/cost and can often motivate a change of mindset by adopting more energy efficient routines.

The likelyhood is that over time some suppliers or some suppliers products may not be available to those who are not on a smart meter but those days are still some time away so for now the choice really is down to the individual.

So to answer the question Good or Bad…. we will sit on the fence on this one!

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