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Solar Panels – cost effective ROI?

It is no secret that the cost of installing solar panels has fallen dramatically over the last 20 years with Government subsidies reducing in tandem. Long gone are the days when you received a feed in tariff of over 40p/kWh but there is still many ways in which you can make solar work for your business.

One common practices used by both small and large businesses alike is to investigate the feasibility for a Power Purchase Agreements whereby the CAPEX is funded by the installer on the basis that you agree to buy the energy generated at a rate below market prices for a set period of time. This route to market can prove very beneficial so long as you are not looking to vacate the site in the medium term.

Another option is battery storage and whilst there is a capital outlay the savings can be even greater than a Power Purchase Agreement and has the benefit of you owning the asset and the asset being transferable if you move locations.

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