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Wholesale Energy April 2020 End Point

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April 2020 was one of the most volatile trading sessions in living memory with wholesale energy commodities recording both record up and downswings, even resulting in a negative WTI index.  As we finish the month markets have started to stabilise with slight gains seen in day ahead prices and some overall gains in Winter 20/Summer 21 electricity markets.

Further out on Winter 21/Summer 22 electricity curves were slightly ahead of month start to finish at £43.43 and £37.79 respectively.

Far out gas markets saw modest falls with Winter 21 ending at 37.67p/therm and Summer 22 ending at 31.96p/therm.

WTI bounced back into positive territory but still remains massively down from month start at $50 to finish $15.75.  Brent saw a more stable month but still lost value from $27 to finish on $23.

Many economies are starting to loosen the lockdown restrictions with a view to slowly starting their economies again which will strengthen the balance in supply/demand.  The next month will prove important in the overall direction for the year and is likely to be very dependant on if/how any second waves of lockdowns are potentially implemented.

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