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Wholesale Energy December 2017

Wholesale Prices

The near curve market rose to a peak of £59/MWh from an opening point of £54/MWh before falling back to finish the month as it started on £54/MWh.

With the large increases seen in day ahead prices in November, many were anxious about the direction the markets would take with the first significant cold weather hitting the UK just before Xmas. However the UK system held its resilience with prices falling within month from 57p/therm to 52p/therm.

There was little movement within the exchange rates with modest gains seen against the $ and slight losses against the euro.

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Comment (2)

  • Nick| 16/01/2018

    How do I find my gas supplier, apparently I am shipperless?

  • Business Renewals
    Business Renewals| 22/01/2018

    Hi Nick, thank you for your question, if your meter is currently registered as shipperless you should be free to choose a supplier. Please feel free to call one of our team if you would like any further help or assistance. Many thanks

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