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Wholesale Energy Sept 2020 Q3 End Point

Wholesale Prices

Electricity prices traded within a small range during Q3 trading between £44.50 and £50.25 to finish the quarter a few percentage points lower than end Q2. 

End point prices for electricity were as follows;

  • Oct 21 Annual – £46.61
  • Apr 22 Annual – £46.94
  • Oct 22 Annual – £47.36
  • Apr 23 Annual – £47.80

Gas prices continued to remain low with healthy European, Russian and Norwegian flows complimenting LNG deliveries.  With Q4 coming and the potential for further lockdowns there is a strong possibility that wholesale gas markets will remain depressed until there is a clear path for the full re-opening of both UK and World economies.

With demand levels still yet to return to pre-pandemic levels and the economy still far from a full recovery it is very possible that we will see a quieter than average Q4 and potentially a continuation of lower prices.

The message from Business Renewals is still buy and if possible buy your contracts as long as possible.

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